"There are no excuses important enough
to justify why you have excused what is important."

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The greatest gift an author can give to the world is their books. The greatest gift the world can give to an author, besides gift of purchase, is the gift of a review. Please let me know how much you enjoyed my books. Leave a review wherever you bought it. There is great power in reviews.
Much Love.
I fell in love with reading and writing when I was a little girl. Up until the sixth grade I thought authors were as mysterious and mythical as some of the creatures I read about in books. It wasn’t until my brother’s best friend stood in my living room reciting his poetry to my Mom that I realized writers were people. REAL people that turned their thoughts and their imagination into written works of art. That day changed my life.

I spent most of my junior high and high school years orchestrating thought into written word until I was asked to the prom by a cute boy with glasses. I said yes and that changed the course of my life once again. I was married and with child, a beautiful daughter, a year later. Four years into bliss and I got the itch and tangoed with domestication for quite some time. Rebellion is a pedagogue ripe with harsh lessons that leave you contemplating your place in Reality.

Then five years later I lost a baby and I ran straight into the thick wall of grief until the Universe gave me twin boys, a year later. That changed me, once again; put the SUNSHINE back in my life. And even though my LIFE had changed I had new challenges, three kids, one with Autism and I was stumbling, running through Existence, trying to catch up. I asked the Universe for help, my DEAR GOD moment and BAM I was given another set of twins… A CLEAR SIGN to stop running. Let go and let, they say… 

And so I did. I stopped running and let go and all the external obstacles and challenges stopped. I pulled out the bliss that I had shoved in the back corner..  And it’s defined my life ever since. And through it all I continued to write and orchestrate… 


Short Stories

"What wonderful worlds we create when we put pen to paper,  or fingers to keys.
The somber and the bright. The ugly and the nice.
Delicately we weave the lives of our characters
into the wonder of worlds far and near.
What wonderful amalgamations of the imagination."